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The Office & Professional Employees International Union (O.P.E.I.U.) Locals 30 & 537 Trust Funds are a non-profit organization established to provide, through Labor/Management negotiations, additional protection for their participants in the form of medical, dental, vision, life insurance benefits, and retirement income.

The Health & Welfare Trust Fund was established in 1954, with the primary aim of improving and maintaining the optimum health and welfare benefits possible for its participants.

The Retirement Fund was established in 1962, designed to provide qualified participants with the best possible retirement benefits. It is funded solely by Employer and voluntary employee contributions, which are deposited in the Trust Fund and invested by the Board of Trustees.

To date, there are approximately 2000 members covered under the Health and Welfare Fund, and approximately 1800 participants under the Retirement Fund, 420 of whom are currently receiving monthly pension benefits.

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